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We’ve been writing term papers online since 1995 (over 22 years)!  A1-TermPaper.com is the first term paper site to appear on the Internet.  That’s right, the very first site, ever!  (You can check Whois records to verify our site’s age).  We’ve been providing research assistance to students since the time period during which Microsoft released Windows 95 and Sony released the original Playstation™.


We don’t believe in asking for second chances.  We’ve been honing our craft online since 1995, longer than every other company in the academic writing industry.  Our seasoned writers know how to get the job done correctly the first time.  Perception is everything.  We know that our reputation is only as good as the last paper that we write.

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We know that you’re probably in a hurry.  Don’t worry . . . our support staff is available to answer your questions around the clock, 24/7.  Plus, after placing an order, you’ll have direct contact with your term paper writer through the messaging system in your account.


In the extremely unlikely event that the writer does not sufficiently adhere to the original directions and specifications that you submit in our term paper order form, we will immediately edit and/or rewrite the paper for free!

Citation Style

Need a psychology research paper in APA style?  No problem!  Need an English literature paper eloquently referenced and formatted in MLA style?  That’s a piece of cake for us!  How about a law term paper in Turabian style with footnotes?  We’ve got you covered!  We write college term papers in all formats and styles, including MLA, APA, Turabian, Chicago, Harvard, AMA, BCE, Bluebook, etc.


No Plagiarism

Every term paper that we write is brand new and one-of-a-kind, as unique as a fingerprint.  Our company has a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarized or improperly-referenced work.  The majority of our writers have been with our company for at least 10 years.  They are thoroughly invested in our success, without which they would have no source of steady income.  They are proven, loyal, ethical, and extremely good at what they do.  Rest assured . . . you won’t be disappointed with their work.  In stark contrast, our competitors hire low-paid, offshore, unskilled, ESL, plagiarizing “writers” in order to increase profit margins.  As a result, the “writer turnover rate” at other companies is extremely high, as such unqualified writers have little to no loyalty, ethics, or standards.  Avoid their revolving door of inferior, plagiarized paper writers and order from the oldest, most trusted term paper site on the Internet, A1-TermPaper.com!


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Conducting Thorough Research Is One of Our Specialties!

Term Paper Research

Term Paper Research Library

Our essay, research paper, dissertation, thesis, research proposal, and term paper writers systematically undertake creative, painstaking research work in order to increase the breadth and intellectual viability of every order that we complete.  We use the term paper research process to establish or vet facts, confirm or expand upon the findings/results of previous research studies or work in the field, devise solutions to existing or new problems, support or reject theorems, develop unique theories, test the validity of procedures/instruments/experiments, etc.  Our research services also help to develop students’ knowledge in particular areas/fields, preparing and better equipping them to complete future assignments with confidence and secure promising careers.  Our basic research practices (as opposed to our more complex “applied research” processes) entail the pursuit of several principal objectives: solid documentation, discovery, interpretation, and the development (i.e., R&D) of systems and methods for advancing and awakening students’ knowledge.  Our approach to the research process for a given project heavily depends on epistemology, which varies significantly in and between academic fields (e.g., the humanities vs. the sciences).  Technological, scientific, life, humanities, practitioner, artistic, marketing, economic, business, and social are merely a few of the forms of research that we employ during any given day.


Avg. Writer Rating

The interpersonal dynamic between our writers and customers is truly amazing.  Our average customer feedback score indicates that customers are extremely satisfied with the term papers that our writers deliver.  This synergistic success is a byproduct of our company’s steadfast commitments to customer service, employee loyalty, and quality control.

Writers on Staff

As of May 10, 2017, there are 216 freelance term paper and essay writers on our staff, most of whom have contracted with our company for at least 10 years.  Several have worked with us for nearly 20 years.  What they all have in common is a thorough command of the written word in the English language and a master’s and/or doctoral degree from a brick-and-mortar university in the United States, England, Australia, or Canada.


Repeat Clients

The vast majority of our clients willingly place multiple, additional orders after receiving their first completed order.  Repeat business takes care of itself because our company has ben providing a consistent, dependable, high-quality product for over 22 years.

Active Orders

Our high volume of new term paper orders on a daily basis means that our writers are always sharp and on top of their game.  

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